I did the download I can't find trucked and other local frequencies can you help
Thanks Brian


You purchased the
But the main FCC Database is on the CD, which has to be shipped.

In the download you received, there are some sample frequency databases.

Once you've unzipped the "PROMO.zip" file, there are two folders and a README.TXT file.

Read the "readme file", and it explains what to do.
        (I've included readme instructions below this email)

Which is:
  Go into the folder for the frequencies, and find this HTML file
  Double click on it and scrolling down a bit you will find
  a "choose one", which lets you pick your state.
  Then pick your county.

Read the instructions on how to SAVE that file - and where to save it;

Here is a link to our faq site, and this folder has the 1-2-3-4 steps on how to use your files. But the RSD files should load right into Scancat by choosing from the TOP menu of the program,
`       FILES
            LOAD FILE

best regards

Jim Springer

================= USING RSD PERSONAL FILE(S) INSTRUCTIONS ================

This is the link to a RSD "Personal Database" file for your area.

This is the file that your local Radio Shack would be using. -
so while it is not as complete as a full "search", it will give you a head start.

When you click on the "Mainindex.htm" file, it will show up in your browser
        Scroll down a bit until you see "Please choose one", and pick your state
        You will find all the COUNTIES listed for your state.

When you click on one of these links, the database will appear in your browser,
It will be a screen full of data enclosed in commas and quote signs,

You need to use "SAVE PAGE AS" (or) "SAVE TARGET AS"
 and save it to this folder on your hard drive.
        "C:\Program Files\Scancat-Lite-Plus"
        "C:\Program Files\Scancat-Lite-Plus/RSD_DatabaseFiles"

Then start SC-Lite and use "load file >>> Personal Database file
        - select the file for your "county" (The one you just saved)
        - choose "LOAD"
and it will be loaded into the bottom "grid".

Now that you have the frequencies loaded you can choose to
   edit this file to add or change  frequencies if desired
     then From Top Menu pick
        Load/Read Radio
           >  "Program Entire radio..."

*********** note************
If you are on the "border" of two counties, give me the other one and I'll send a link for it too.

If you are interested in purchasing the entire Mr. Scanner CD, here is a link for some basic information
Since you own Scancat-Lite-Plus the $29.95 CD would only cost you $19.95 + S & H

Best regards

Jim Springer

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