I feel it's hardware (Comm ports or USB adaptor)

I'd suggest reinstalling the USB 20-047 - I've had other customers with similar problems that have told me they had to UNinstall the USB drivers and then reinstall. They had initially let windows "find the driver", and the one it installed didn't work.

DO NOT let windows install "it's" drivers. They MUST be the ones on the CD that came with the 20-047. There are two folders, and the folder named "Drivers" is the one to point at when installing via the driver install wizard.


Hi Jim.  I'll have to get back to you on this. I uninstalled the software after the 4th time of locking up so will install and I'll let you know what happens.
I have more then 512 RAM so that should be a problem. CPU is running at 1.3 GB with a Pentium III.

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Sorry you are having problems. When does the computer lock up.
        At the opening "Splash screen"?
        When you click on "Program Radio"?
        When you load/read the radio?

- If you do not have 512meg of RAM, it could be that there are not enough remaining resources to run the program.

- If the program runs, but locks up when trying to read or load to the radio, then it is most likely that you do not have the correct comm port selected (or) there is a conflict with the port being used.

Go to "Select Radio", and click on the right top button labeled "Detect Valid Comports". Look at what ports are available. Normally the USB cable sets up on the next highest available port #, so start at the highest number you have, and then work your way down until you get "connected".

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I'm sure what I going I recently purchased a copy of Scancat-Lite Ver 1.2.9 from a dealer on Ebay called Hobby Radio Shop. I also purchased Radio Shack USB Scanner/PC Interface Cable Cat No. 20-047 (01A06) to download to my Radio Shack Pro96 Scanner. I've tried to install and run the software on my Dell Laptop and download to my scanner, but laptop locks up and have fatal errors. The Operating System on my Laptop is Windows XP. Any suggestions???

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