The BC780XLT uses one of the older DB9-Serial connectors

Most computers made since windows 7/8/10 came out do not have a "real" DB=9 seral port, so this requires what is called a "USB to Serial Adaptor" cable. In addition the adaptor requires a driver - which turns the USB Device into a virtual "comport", which is what Scancat requires to communicate with the radio.

If you are using a USB adaptor, when you plug it into the USB, a comport will "appear". If it does not, then the driver for the USB device is not working, and will need to be repaired or replaced with one that does.

If your adaptor came with a driver disk, you must use that to fix the driver by re-installing the driver, if not, you have to contact the USB manufacturer for their driver

Watch video # 1 and it shows how to detect where the comport exists.
video #6 also has troubleshooting tips
  Videos are at

Try these suggestions, and let me know if you need further help.


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Customer Name: Richard

City: West Terre Haute
State: IN
Zip_Code: 47885
Country: USA
Radio_In_Use: Uniden BC780XLT
Cable In Use: RS232C
Comments: I cannot get the software to recongize my Uniden radio. It will not bring up the extra window that is decribed in the You Tube Tutorial for Uniden. This is the cable that the book recommends. What should I do to fix it?

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