If you do not have a "real serial port", then you must purchase a USB to RS232 Adaptor... and the Radio Shack cable 20-289

So - This is actually a "Two part" solution.

1 - you need the 20-289 cable from Radio Shack (Light colored cable)
        NO substitute
The Correct radio cable looks like this.
           20-289 cable is Grey (or) Off White cable

2 - You also need a USB to RS232 hardware adaptor for your computer.
Here is a link to one at www.Tigerdirect.com - $19.95)


Search for "USB to 232" if the link doesn't work.

These are (also) commonly available from Best Buy/Circuit City and even Radio Shack.

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I have just purchased a Radio Shack Pro-95 portable scanner and want to purchase your ScanCatlite-plus.  You indicate that I need the radio shack cable, which has become quite a nightmare for me.  It's almost impossible to find one in a store (I've checked 3) and then I found that the cable has a serial port connector, while I need a USB connector for my laptop.  RS people were of no help in solving this problem.  Can you?

Thank you.

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