Upgrades are based on age since last purchase
Scanct-Lite-Plus would be:
        0-90 days are     no charge
        under 12 months = $9.95
        Over 12 Months =  $19.95
        (Plus applicable shipping)

Upgrades are based on age since last purchase
   Scancat-Gold for Windows would be:
                         Standard       SC-GOLD SE
                        ------------    ----------
        0-90 days are           no charge
        under 12 months = $29.95          $59.95
        Over 12 Months =  $39.95          $79.95
        Over 36 Months =  $49.95          $99.95
        (Plus applicable shipping)

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I have your Scancat Lite Plus ver 1.2.6.
I just purchased a new Radio Shack Pro-2055.
I notice on the web site that its listed in the screen shot on the Radio Selection Table, But on mine, I don't have it or the Pro-97.
Is there a upgrade for my software or do I have to purchase the software again new?

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Robert C. Mapplebeck
Camera Operator
Hard, Hand-Held, RF, ENG,  Robotic

email: rmapplebeck@visi.com

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Saint Paul, MN. 55118-1562
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