The Upgrade is not an "upgrade" of SC-Gold but a different program - Scancat-Lite-Plus (SCL).  But - we sell the full SCL program AS an upgrade to existing customer.  In addition we are up to Ver 8.50 on the SE.

 So as an example
        Upgrades to SE would be $59.95
        Upgrade to SCL would be $ 9.95

If you just upgrade to the SCL, since SE is over 1 year, the SCL upgrade would cost $19.96 ( by itself)

This is the complete Upgrade "list".

Upgrades are based on age since last purchase
Scanct-Lite-Plus would be:
        0-90 days are     no charge
        under 12 months = $9.95
        Over 12 Months =  $19.95
        (Plus applicable shipping)

Upgrades are based on age since last purchase
   Scancat-Gold for Windows would be:
                         Standard       SC-GOLD SE
                        ------------    ----------
        0-90 days are           no charge
        under 12 months = $29.95          $59.95
        Over 12 Months =  $39.95          $79.95
        Over 36 Months =  $49.95          $99.95
        (Plus applicable shipping)

If you wish to purchase on line,
  you can go to this link on our shopping carte


Or you can call us toll free at below number

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Dear Sales,
I have Scancat Gold SE ver. 8.255. I have recently purchased a BC-396 Trunktracker IV. Are you planning an upgrade for us? If so what is the cost and timeframe?
Thank you,
T. M.

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