I notice in your comments that you say reading the Uniden is a slow slow process. Analogous to paint drying. <GG>

I think some of this may be caused by the way your comm ports are set up.
All of the data transferred from the Uniden's to the PC is terminated by a carriage return. We have had difficulties in getting incomplete data from the Uniden's so we look for the "carriage return" and then know the data is complete. IF the carriage return is not received within a "reasonable length of time", we will "abort" after a default timeout. (This can slow things down if NO CR is found.

So - if you have your comm ports set up to ignore carriage returns / linefeeds... this "can" cause the problems that you mention about the Paint taking a long time to dry.

If you go to the System Settings on the Control Panel, I think there are a number of advanced CommPort settings you can make, and if you enable the carriage returns, I feel the paint will dry a lot faster.

ALSO (to increase read times) adjust the timing settings on the "Select Radio" window. Check "Increase Read Speed" box, (and) move the timing slider all the way to the left.

I use this on Windows 98SE and XP and experience no unusual delays in reading any of the Unidens (normally goes about 1-2 channels a second), so we feel it is a computer related issue more than software.


>The read from the 796D is pretty time intensive and I usually let the
>computer do it while I am doing something else.  Watching a movie on TV and
>starting the computer on the next task during commercial breaks works out
>well.  Doing this while splitting firewood, reading a book, or while
>searching for frequencies with another scanner also works.  I just check the
>computer once in a while and nudge it to the next step.  Sitting there and
>watching the loading process is worse than watching paint dry.