For some reason, Uniden preprogrammed a TON of systems into the BCD396T. Most of them would only be used if you were a world traveler <GGG>

So - in most situations we recommend that the customer delete any unwanted/out-of-area systems first. The DELETE button on the left side of our frequency/programming screen will delete the selected system(s), one at a time. OR, If you don't want "anything", you can RIGHT click on that same button and delete all of them at once. Then you can start from "scratch" adding in what applies to "your area" only.

Due to "our" limitations we cannot read beyond 80 systems. I've not seen a time where anyone actually NEEDED 80. And since the radio comes pre-programmed by the factory with a lot of unwanted areas, Deleting them all will cause no harm.

Then you can use our software and the frequency information (such as on the COMBO CD) to program in what "you" want.

If the 80 Max error is showing up, then you "should" see the first 80 listed on the left sided "list". Then delete some of the systems listed that you don't want (one at a time or all at once) until you get down to where there are less than 80.

From there it should work satisfactorily

Or email me back if you still have problems.



I'm using Scancat Lite-PLUS V1.4.2 with a Uniden BCD396T

When I execute the "read entire radio" in Load/Read Radio I get what
seems to be an error message.

You have 109 systems in your radio. The maximum systems supported = 80
You need to delete unwanted systems to reduce total below 80 systems.

But if I click "systems in radio", or just look at the scanner itself, it
appears that there are only 7 systems.

I thought that "read entire radio" meant to read the current settings and
frequencies programmed into the radio. Then you edit and save your
changes. Do I have that wrong? Or do I just not understand something
about the BCD396T?


- Mike