It would be recommended to put Trunking Frequencies in a Separate bank PER SYSTEM.. at least until you get the trunking system working. Then YOu can fill in the extra empties with CONVENTIONAL frequencies, but not another trunking system. Normally only one trunking system works per bank. SOMEtimes you can put two of the exact same TRUNKING type (IE: MOT Type II) but beyond that they will not coexist on the same bank.


This is a short tutorial on how TGID's can be organized, and then if you have other questions, let me know



I submited a question the other day, but I had my fitlers set on high so I was unable to revieve your email if you sent it.  I have a handheld pro 96 I, I followed the instructions and was able to get all of the frequinces into my scanner using the scan cat and the mr scanner software. The question I have is it seemed to easy for the trunking frequencies. Do I need to put the trunking frequinecs in its own bank. 2nd question do I have to do any manual entries on the scan cat for examplet clck the trunking tab, delay, mode, tones, does trunding freq's have to be in the far right green columns, now they are in the blue columns and seem to work, do I need to enter in the trunk system or ID's..  I guess I need a simple answer does the trunking load automatically, or what do I have to do.

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