Here are a few screen shots on our website. These links will take you to them, but you really would benefit more from telling us "what" the system is (Type), it's frequencies, and, a few Talk Group numbers.  Don't go overboard, just a simple "text" of what you have will suffice.

This (Screen shot) shows trunking AND conventional frequencies, plus some talk groups. It doesn't show the "type", but it's a MOTOROLA TYPE II 800 because the TGID's are all straight decimal (not dashed)


THIS is the rest of the "right sided view", and it shows the MOT Type II 800

This is a link to our FAQ site, and this link details how to organize your Talk Group ID's (TGID's) to maximize your listening of specific kinds of transmissions, such as Police (or) Fire (or) EMS (or) Tactical (etc).

Hope this helps


Are there any available screen shots of a trunking system programmed
into Scancat? I believe I have all the information needed I just am at
a mental block about how to enter it all.

I am having the hardest time with this. I am normally pretty good at
figuring all this sort of stuff out so I am a bit discouraged by my
failures. :(

I have a PRO-2051 and a BC296D, both of which are supported by my
Scancat Lite. I'd love to get a database saved for both radios.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.