Try slowing things down a bit.  You had the "idea" right but slowing down the baud rate, but the real way to fix this is to use the "timing slider" to reduce the speed under YOUR control.  This is on the "settings for radio"   menu, ALSO "check" the WIn ME/XP. Doing this one at a time is the best way to know what fixed it.  When you hit ACCEPT, all these new adjustment settings are saved for your next session.

Click here to see screen shots:

And adjust the slider to about 1/4 or 1/3 1/2 etc in gradual increases and you will find where the radio starts taking the loading 100%

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    I need your assistance again. When I transfer the info from my Scancat Lite Plus program to my BC 250D all the info doesn't transfer. For instance, out of a hundred channels maybe 15 or 20 will be missing the frequency, the alpha tag or both. I tried a slower baud rate but that didn't help. Do you have any suggestions.? Your help is much appreciated. Tom

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