I want to mention this


This is a link to the Radio Shack Cable. They may not carry them "on line", but You can call around to stores in your area and usually find one.

As previously mentioned, Buying third party cables comes with a certain amount of "risk". Many times they work, but.... there are times when they don't and that is not as resolvable as owning "the real thing"

A couple of years ago, Prolific changed their chip architecture to incorporate an "anti piracy" software mechanism in order to thwart "Chinese knock offs" (of their chip and cable). The consequence of this is that drivers for the "real cable" will work, but the same driver won't work with the "knock offs". I really don't know if you have that situation - or not - but it IS worth mentioning.


   Thanks so much for being patient with me and responding so quickly, I guess I will take the scanner apart to see what's going on and then exchange the cable which I bought at the same time I bought your software

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On 10/10/2016 12:05 PM, jims wrote:
Many of these older radio show "clone" on the screen no matter WHAT is plugged into the radio. The Connector has a mechanical switch that changes state when ANYthing is inserted, so even a toothpick would trigger the "Clone" on the radio's LCD.

The real litmus test is to watch the LED's flashing in the little "circuit bubble", that is in the middle of the cable.  You say the radio just stays in clone, but does not react when you use our software to "program to the radio".

However, you say you CAN read what's IN the radio using our software, meaning the radio "is" getting the command to send data. So - IF the lights are flashing, but the radio doesn't do anything, that really points to my "analysis" that the connectors are not mating.....

To answer your question:
IF the radio reacts to the "Accept the data" command, the very bottom line on the radio's LCD will show a Progress bar. There would be 10 segments to that bar, one for each 10% of completion.


This is my first time programming it with software, Should I see the clone mode change or not? when programming the radio and if so what should it change to?

On 10/10/2016 10:48 AM, jims wrote:
I looked up the PRO-2055 selected in our Scancat, and it appears that you must use the Stereo to Mono Adaptor. Meaning that the PC/IF connector in the radio only has two contacts, instead of the three such as a Stereo would have.

While intended for "other purposes", this FAQ has the diagram of the "pin outs" for the Stereo Male end of the cable


There are three connections,

Because the TIP usually makes connections if it's mono OR stereo, that may explain why the "RX" (read from radio) works, and the "Ring" probably isn't making contact, and that's why the data is NOT getting to the radio.

As to "stays in clone", many of these older radio show "clone" on the screen no matter WHAT is plugged into the radio. The Connector has a switch that opens when ANYthing is inserted, so even a toothpick would trigger the "Clone" on the radio's LCD.

If you don't have one, find a STEREO to MONO Adaptor and that should probably fix things.
  This is one I found on Ebay

The fact that you can "read" the data, would also seem to indicate that the connector in the radio is "OK", or else nothing would work in either direction. I think the radio's connector is not "broke".


How easy is it to fix the connector on the radio?

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Presuming you have a real Radio Shack 20-047 or 20-546 cable...
Try using the cable either WITH or WITHOUT the 3 inch stereo to mono adapter
that came withe the cable. Seems one of the cable's pin connections on the
cable are not mating with the jack's contacts in the radio.

If so, that would explain why works in one direction, but not the other

>I just purchased scancat plus lite, I havs a radioshack pro-2055 I can
>download from the scanner but I canít upload to it, The scanner just
>stays in CLONE mode