TGID's are not a part of the "Mr Scanner" FCC database. But they ARE in the RSD files that we supply along with that product. Just load a RSD file for you county and you will find them in the Bright Green area that is in the far right part of each "tab/grid".

OR - you can go to here and they are "on line".

THIS location can also be used directly from SCL. 
Just Press F-3 and it will put you right at that website.

GO TO this URL to see a screen shot of how to do it

Once there, after you find the city/state with the TGID's
use the Options
        Frequency Websites

Here is another screen shot.

That will put a list of them in the "Upper Database" that has opened up.

Then highlight them and copy those to the below data base

MNost of this is covered in the Manual, and in a file on your desktop called "New features".  But here is the link to our FAQ if you can't find it.

Best regards

Jim Springer

I can see the frequencies but where are the TGIDs?

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They are all "there" on the CD. But everything is all
"together".  The trunked frequencies are usually 800 MHZ. If you take
a look on the CD, there are some other files that explain the "Service Codes".


Take a look at this FAQ. It was also placed on your desktop when you
installed the SCL Software. It explains how to search the CD directly
from within Scancat instead of using the CD's search engine. It's a
lot simpler to do it from inside SCL.


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