Take a look at these screen shots.

The first one shows where the frequencies are placed.  Notice that some are conventional and others are "Trunking" (they have the red TRUNKing checked).


They can be in any order for most systems, except for EDACS, which requires a hierarchy that is usually listed from where ever you find the frequency source

This one shows where the Talk Group ID's (TGID's) are placed. They do not have to be aligned in a left to right row by row sequence. Instead they should be placed in the "lists" according to what you wish to listen to (IE" Police, Fire, EMS). Notice the "empty gap" between some of the "lists"


This is a FAQ that details how this "organization" of the TGIDS is best set up. It also has a couple of the same or similar screen shots.


Our main FAQ is at this URL, and has many other helpful tips and hints.


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I have the Pro 95 from RadioShack and I type the freq's into ScanCat by hand This is a example of what I got from the PoliceCall CD
Stateville Correctional Center,Joliet
1  856.9625
2  856.7125
3  585.9875
4  859.9875
5  868.3625
6  868.8625
16   Security
48   Escorts
80   Operations
112 Operations
144 Operations
176 Operations
208 Seg
240 D House/H House
272 G Dorm
464 Min Security
528 Operations
1792 Operations
                            Talkgroups are NOT listed next to Freq's
With the following info,how do I enter this info by hand into the ScanCat program to program my Pro95 Scanner
                                                                                                         Thank You in Advance
                                                                                                                   John Duffy

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