This is a "bug". The "real ID" is in the radio, and we know the Programmed ID works.... but the Number Displayed on the LCD screen is the "machine code" representation of the real (Example 3 digit code).

When we "read" back from the radio, the true 3 digit number IS displayed in our software, but something in the radio's setup is not "displaying" it correctly on the screen - We figure it is some "Bit code setting" we don't have "doc" for... and we have tried everything "we" know to solve it.

The original radio was manufactured by GRE, and brought out in about 2005-2006 as the PRO106/PRO197's. When we noticed this, we asked GRE how to "fix" it but were rebuked, saying the only code they could provide to us was what "we already had".... And there is nothing in that code to solve the problem. So basically we never got a solution.

GRE went out of business 4-5 years ago, and eventually Whistler purchased all the intellectual properties and manufacturing. Whistler employs the very same people that ran GRE, The Whistler radio you have is the identical radio that used to be Radio Shack/GRE. Only the paint on the outside is changed.... and we still get NO support from them.

I wish I had a better answer, but I don't.


Customer Name: Jason
City: Fairmont
State: WV
Zip_Code: 26554
Country: USA
Product_In_Use: ScanCat Lite Plus
Radio_In_Use: Whistler 1065
Dealer: CAT
Comments: I have used the software and successfully programmed my whistler 1065. When I browse through my scanner, all my talkgroup ids are 8 digit numbers when I programmed a 3 digit id. Wondering where this 8 digit # came from? For example, I used the software and programmed a group id of '203', but after programming the scanner shows a group id of '16711883'. Still works, just didn't know where all these new group ids came from?

Best regards

Jim Springer
Computer Aided Technologies
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