If you have a USB to serial adaptor, normally it comes with a driver disk, and when you plug it in for the first time, the Windows "new hardware" wizard will guide you through installing the driver. The Driver will set up as a COMM Port. NORMALLY the comm port will be the "next available", so if you already have comm port 1 and 2 the USB would set up as 3 or higher.

If you are using Scancat-Gold, many times there is no way to figure out what comm port the USB to Serial adaptor sets up on as, almost all the radios we support do not have way of identifying the Model connects.

This is a tutorial on two methods of doing it.

In Scancat-Gold
        1-  Go to Setups
            >   Radio Selection and Comm ports
        2-  Start with COMM PORT # 1
        3-  Click ACCEPT
        4-  Choose "Scanning"
        5-  Enter lower and upper frequency in the program
            then choose to "Scan"...
If the comm port is correct, most times the radio will start showing the same frequencies as being displayed on our software scanning screen

If the comm port is NOT correct, the radio will not "work"

SO  Exit and go back to step 1 and keep changing upward a comm port at a time until the radio works.

METHOD TWO (using Windows XP)
        1 - CLICK on the "windows" START
        2 - Choose CONTROL PANEL
        3 - Find the "SYSTEM" Icon and double click on it
        4 - pick the tab that says "Hardware"
        5 - Click on button that says "Device Manager"
        6 - Find the "PORTS",
                It will ususally show you Printer and Serial
        7 - The "Comm port", and see what Port numbers it is on

        8 - Look at the USB DEVICES, and make sure there are
           NO yellow "?"'s showing. IF so, then that means the
            device isn't working, and you'll have to reinstall it.
            It should tell you the CommPort number.

NORMALLY USB Device Drivers install the commport at the NEXT highest number. SO if you had Commport 1 & 2, the USB would set up as 3 or 4 etc.

Then go back to Scancat and set IT for the same port number and all should then begin to work.



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