I find I ended up writing a rather long explanation for this.

I think what is happening - is - something is interfering with the comm ports transfer of data to the computer. If even one "byte" (Character) is dropped in the transfer, then the total count we look for is not met. This will cause the program to continue to look for the remaining data... Eventually, the program will time out and give you an error message.

Since the radio returns to "clone prompt mode", this means the entire sequence has been sent by the radio.

This is usually occurring on Windows XP Home edition, and the basic causes are processes running in the background. WHEN those processes kick in, a byte or two of data can be missed / skipped. Since everything is in a compressed AND encrypted stream, any missing data will put everything out of sequence. 

Windows XP Home is different than Windows XP pro in that it does not have a true 64 bit multitasking environment... (SIMULTANEOUS running tasks)... so it seems apparent that some multitasking on XP Home is less than perfect. Normally in most comm communications this would not matter as the communications could go back and request the data again (ack/nak)... (MODEM operations). But since the radio is just streaming the data without any ability to request a block again... it's a hard problem to figure out a solution for.

As far as we can determine this is occurring at the hardware level, and not within the software.

The most suspect programs are:
        Virus Programs
        Wireless LAN Programs
        ANY new software you might have recently installed.
          (Since it did work and now suddenly doesn't_
Basically any program that is running in the background.

        There will be a running task box pop up

        ONE AT A TIME, Highlight a task, and then choose "end task"
        Re read the radio.

Once you find the program that is causing the problem - make a mental note, and when you have any further difficulties -  disable it before performing a read from the radio to the PC.

We DO have a newer version of software where we try to accommodate a shorter length of data - but it does not cure the problem, only prevents the "long lockup condition". If you wish an update, please contact me directly:
        Jim Springer <scancat@scancat.com>



I have ben using SC-Lite (SCL) for the last few days and for some reason it seems to
have stopped responding when I try to read my entire radio Pro-95.  My setup is a
Dell Inspiron 5150 with a 3.20 Ghz Pentium 4, 512 MB, XP Home.  I am using a
Keyspan USB Serial adapter to communicate with the radios.

I request to read the entire radio from SCL, the Pro95 recognizes the request on the
screen and asks to push the up arrow and then starts sending data.  SCL appears to
be doing nothing although my laptops fan kicks into high gear along with a lot of
heat from the back as if something is going on.  Eventually this all stops and the
radio asks me to push the arrow again as if another request has been made even
though no freqs are visible on the current displayed sheet and the cycle continues.

I tried reinstalling the software after uninstalling and verifying my comm settings. 
During the download the Keyspan adapter light does not blink as if data is moving
through it but the radio does get the original request.  The SCL window does say at
the top after some time that it is not responding when trying to get some response
from it.

Any thoughts?


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