Since Scancat-Gold installs, and "runs", the software should not be the problem. I feel the main issue is that the Port, Cable or "Driver" for the cable device is not Windows 10 compatible.

Most Windows machines of recent years do not have a real DB-9 Serial/Comm port, which is what the AOR8600 uses.... so you are forced into using a "USB to Serial adaptor".

Most likely the "connection" you are trying to use needs a Windows 10 Driver.

YOu MAY have to purchase a newer Adaptor. . . One that has a supplied driver disk for use with Windows 10. I usually recommend NEWEGG for items like this....

THIS one says it has "Windows 10 support"

If you buy a new one be certain they say it's windows "10" compatible, AND supply a driver disk..... otherwise you may still have same issues.

AND.... YOu will probably have to figure out how to install the driver While IN the Virtual Windows mode, otherwise it will only work when in "real windows 10), and Virtual Windows won't be able to 'see it'.

Fix that, and it will usually solve the problem.


I have recently upgraded my PC to Win10.
I have installed Oracle virtual PC to run win xp for my Scancat software.
ScanCat Gold starts in virtual winxp, no problem.
Unfortuanately the program wont connect to my AOR AR8600 mk2
I have used all the same settings as I used on my old PC, but i cannot make any connection.
i was wondering if you may have any relavant info/help to this specific problem.
kind regards, Malc.

Mr Malcolm C

Best Regards   

Jim Springer   <()>