I found this buried in some old text files on the computer. I keep copies of just about everything I've ever don (on computer), but it was hard to locate anything on "this".

I guess back in the day it was used to send to a customer,
 I dunno.

- so I put it on our FAQ site
  - I checked the links and they are still good <G>


this is all I can find. I would suggest - if you are not a solder head - not
to modify the FIF-232, but instead create some external way of dealing with
tying this in to the RS232. The FIF is over $150.00 now, so not something you
want to mess up. 

They USED to sell "break out boxes", which were blank circuit boards inside
two opposing DB25's. That's what we used to make our adapters.

THIS is link to FRG9600 Service manual

I found this on Ebay - it's a bit expensive  but illustrates what you need.