Starting October 4th
 we will begin shipping Scancat-Lite-Plus (SCL) version 1.5.0

This Version now includes support for:
    Uniden HOME PATROL

And in recent months, we have added over 8 new radios from
 Radio Shack, Uniden, GRE and MFJ

The HomePatrol is probably as close to a "Has everything already programmed" as anyone has come up with. But that being said, the "supplied" (Sentinel) software from Uniden only enables programming with a subset of RadioRef's info... so many frequencies are not IN RR's data. In a recent Monitoring Times review they pointed out "the "supplied" software from Uniden (Sentinel Software) only enables programming with RadioRef's info...  and since many frequencies are not IN RR's data, or are not always 'up to date', they can't be added.

However, Scancat can program Any frequency you wish, no matter what or where. So frequencies like FRS, GMRS, MARINE BAND, CB, NASCAR, CORDLESS PHONES, NASCAR, MOST HAM etc, which can't be programmed with Uniden software - is a piece of cake with SCL

If you have other scanners, it's as simple as transferring the memory contents of your other radio into our RSD files and reprogram them back into the Home Patrol as "favorites". Meaning you can customize your scanner far beyond it's out of the box abilities. Since the HomePatrol includes the entire 50 State database in it's memory - SCANCAT can read those files and create your own native RSD Database files, which can then be used to create custom "Favorites lists".
To recap,
Scancat-Lite-Plus supports in one single program virtually every Radio Shack, GRE, and Uniden scanner (that supports computer programming). If you have other questions about our Scancat Products,  email us and we can usually help.

We have received all kinds of positive response to our Video Tutorials. If you need "one on one" help, this has got to be the very best way to get started and learn while your view.

We will have new Video Tutorials out soon, specifically about programming the New Home Patrol.

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IF you already own SCL, this is the basic info on our upgrade policies

AND (with proof of purchase) you can go to this location to order SCL upgrades. You MUST put in the comment box of the order form the date of purchase etc to qualify for the upgrades.

****** Not providing upgrade information with your order will delay processing of your order until we receive proof of purchase from "you".

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