Regarding your call about your Harddrive Crash.

Once you purchase Skysweep, all subsequent upgrades and reinstallations are free.  So just install it on your new Drive/machine. Run it, and It comes up in demo mode, and asks you if you want to register. So, Just fill out the registration card like you did before and send it to us. Please enclose a note saying that this is a REINSTALL, and that will save us having to dig up your records.

These are the basic instructions on what to do

Since you have already paid for you Skysweep progra, ....
Fill in all the required fields, but just use a
"1234 1234 1234 1234"
        exp 12-06
        ccv 222
For the credit card etc
(the form requires "some" entry into each field)

Once you have completed the registration,
It should "pop up" the info in Notepad
COPY the entire notepad text into window's clipboard
by using EDIT > SEKECT ALL
                EDIT > COPY
 then paste the registration into an email

        If it doesn't pop up in NotePad...

Then look in the directory that contains SkySweep
OR go to
          /FIND (or) "Search" in WIN XP
        Type in "regcard.txt"

When it finds the file, click on it and
  it should open up in Notepad or your word processor.

USing EDIT you can copy it to the "Clipboard"
 and then paste the registration into an email

Email it to "scancat@scancat.com"

we will get your unlock key within 24-36 hours.
and email it to you with your supplied email address.

Best regards