For the $20.00 price "difference" between Scancat-Lite-Plus (SCL) at $29.95 and the "Combo" at $49.95 I would suggest the "Combo".

While we support the Radio Reference Frequency website ( RR ) in both products, (And it's "Free"), the "RR" site doesn't always have the very latest info... mainly because they are totally dependant on a "volunteer user base" to provide the information.

The MR Scanner part of the "Combo" contains the very latest information direct from the FCC's database. So It will usually contain information when you cannot find it on "RR". RR is good for getting the Talk Groups, as the FCC data doesn't contain that.

SO - To sum it up the more tools you have the easier it will be to program your scanner like you want it. The COMBO CD will give you more "tools" <G>

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Thanks Jim, I'm pretty much a novice at this so would you suggest I buy the Scancat Lite Plus or the Scancat Lite Plus Combo CD? Also wanted to say good job on the YouTube tutorials! Thanks. Napoleon

From: Tech Support <support@scancat.com>
To: Napoleon
Subject: Re: tech-Question

Scancat-Lite-Plus will quickly program your 325P scanner,
  AND it is now fully compatible with Windows 10

more info is at this link


>I live in Flagler county, Florida and need
>software to program my new Uniden Bearcat
>BCD325P2 scanner. Can I use your Scancat-Lite
>Plus to program the scanner? Thank you. Napoleon

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