Maybe you can send me the RSD file.

-  Go to the Program Radio screen
-  Click On Top Left Menu "Files"
-  Notice in the bottom of that pulldown
   two selections For "Last Used" (or) "Recently Used" files
   Those contain the FULL Path to where the RSD files are located.
Send me an email, containing the files that end in "RSD". The ones
that have RSD1 or RSD2 are not necessary unless you have more than
10 banks of the radio to program.
If you don't know how to "attach a file"..... here is "one" way
        - Right Click on Start
        - Choose "Explore"
        - Find the RSD file(s) and RIGHT CLICK ON IT
          "one" of the many selections will be "Send to"
       - Open "it", and there will be several "more" selections,
        - Pick "mail recipient" and whatever email program you
          use (as a default) will probably pop up and have the
          file already set to send.
Send the file to

Two suggestions

1 - If Bank "0" is "locked out", while scanning, press "0".
  Normally this will toggle the "enable" for that bank "on or off"

IF this solves the problem, then next time you program the radio with
Scancat- look at the "BANK ENABLED" check box on the top of that bank
and make sure it is CHECKED. UNchecked means that bank is programmed
but will not scan unless you "enable it".

2 - To learn how to copy bank "0" to (Example) Bank 9
  Go to Video Tutorial #2, and about 2-3 minutes into that video
  there are several samples of how to copy and paste - including
  copying or moving an entire bank from one bank to another.