We give you the ability to use TWO 10 bank databases at the same time. BUT Only the FIRST or MAIN database of 10 grids can be sent to the radio.

So if you load up a "Second Database", then by moving and copying from the "Second" one to the "First (or main)" set of 10 banks, you can easily merge several counties or cities into one main 10 bank RSD file.

If you load the "Second Database", the first one remains on the first ten grids, instead of being replaced. This then gives you a total of 20 grids. The grids 11 thru 20 are for "copying from", and do not get loaded into the radio. What this enables you to do is load two different files at the same time, and by copying from grids 11 thru 20 to one of the first TEN grids, you can merge more than one file into a combined database that can then be loaded into the radio. YOu can continue to load OTHER Second Database files and repeat the process until you have filled up the first 10 grids.

Here are the basic steps

- As an example
  read the radio back into Scancat and save that file
  as a "RSD" Personal database file
        Call it something like "PRO97-Original.RSD"

- If you want to rearrange it,

- you can copy the entire grid from one grid into another.

        To copy an entire grid do this:

        1 - click on the "TOP LEFT (Empty) gray square
          - This turns the entire grid "red" or "selected"
        2 - Press THE KEYBOARD COMBO OF "CTRL + C (Copy)
        3 - go to the "target grid
        4 - click on the "TOP LEFT (Empty) gray square
          - This turns the entire grid "red" or "selected"
        5 - Press THE KEYBOARD COMBO OF "CTRL + V (paste)

        EVERYTHING in the copied grid including button settings,
       is pasted into the selected "target" grid.

A more detailed explanation of copy / paste / move functions is at this FAQ


        THEN once you have the primary first ten grids organized
       there is an option
        Load File > SECOND Personal Database
        This loads a database in a completely new 2nd set of grids
        numbered 11 through 20
If you look at the menu bar on the top, you will see a new menu option
        "Banks 1-10)
If you click on it - it changes to reflect which BANK of 10 you are on.

you can use the above 1-2-3-4-5 to copy one of IT's grids.
And "merge" the extra databases banks with the one you send to the radio.

It's really as simple as that, but may take a few tries to understand.

Then make sure you save that file as A NEW file name before loading back to the radio.  Example "PRO97-cityname.RSD"