If the software "worked" a while back and now doesn't, this usually points to something that has changed in the computer. Installed programs, or programs that are running "now" that were not running when you used to use the software. Scancat-Lite-Plus (SCL) requires 512 MGB of RAM.

If the "Program Radio" screen doesn't show up, then most times this is because of low memory resources in the computer. SCL really needs 512 MB of RAM, and if it is less than that, anything else running at the same time will consume parts of what you "do" have.

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If still not working, then you may have to add more RAM (which is not very expensive), and the end results will be SCL will run, and the extra ram will also improve your computer's overall performance/speed. You CAN upgrade to a more recent version of SCL, but the RAM issues will still need to be addressed.

This one is pricing for upgrades of SCL

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I bought ScanCat Lite (Ver sometime last year (can t remember the date).  The program worked great until this March.  Now when I try to use the program, I can select my radio fine but when I try to go to the program section the program stops and disappears.  And to make matters worse, I have lost my program CD.  So now I would like to know my options.  I was starting to get use to the program set-up.  Also I have 2 scanners that only ScanCat Lite can program.  Any help would be greatly welcomed.



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