We support ALL of the radios you mention (pro 96, pro 2096 and a Uniden bc996t) in Scancat-Lite-Plus (SCL). And about 30 more.  But your radios are not supported in the "SC-Gold". You still qualify for an upgrade price on the SCL, since you already have the "Gold".  SCL is $29.95 - but since you have the GOLD, SCL will only cost you $19.95. (Plus any shipping).  Since it supports all three radios, it would be an even better value as opposed to a single program for each of your radios.

We DO have some Import capabilities, and unless I'm mistaken, you can import the WIN96 files into our program.

Info is at this link www.scancat.com/scl

A demo is here:  www.scancat.com/demos - the demo does not load TO the radio - or save files, but everything else is fully functional, and it should give you a very good idea of whether you like it or not.

We have an amazing array of "extra features" as opposed to other software, even the ability to go to the Bearcat1.com free frequency site and load up local frequencies right into SCL.  ( www.bearcat1.com/fleet.htm )

And you can go to this shopping cart link to order it as an upgrade

quick question. I have scan cat gold from many years ago for my 2004,2006, and 2042 I have owned years ago. with this Am I elligible for any upgrades. I now have a pro 96, pro 2096 and a uniden bc996t and would like to be able to program my new uniden the way I have with win 96 but it appears your program will support both radios. is programming as easy as with win 96 I had the 30 trial that now ended and have come to the end of the road and need to make a decision as I loved scan cat gold years ago. I treid your free demo but it makes no mention of the 996 but mention in an ad now supports the 996t will this indded work
allen ciesynski
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