The "black areas" are dependent on what radio you have selected. They "should be" showing the same number of channels as are in the radio per bank. What radio are you using.... Need to know this.

FIRST, try this - Select the radio BEFORE you go to the "PROGRAM RADIO" menu option. "SOmetimes" if you change the radio AFTER you get to the "grids", the screens do not refresh to show the correct number of chs/bank. IF SO, you can simply exit to the main "splash screen", and the immediately reenter with the "PROGRAM RADIO" option, and the correct number will then be refreshed.

many RS units are actually numbered ZERO to 49 not 1 to 50. So is this the case with your radio?

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I ordered SC-Lite-plus V 1.3.1 from you on 11/08/06
INV # 60110076
REF # E1074R14301

The software has a  couple of problems:

1 - Starting with Bank-1 thru Bank-9, there is a solid
black line on CH-50 going left to right thru all selections
and you cannot program anything for CH-50.  Bank-0
is OK.

2- When I try to do a BANK print-out, no matter what
print options I sellect, it only prints the first 50 frequencies.

Will you please send me a corrected version of SC-Lite-plus

Thank you!

Lora P


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