The version we have now is and has a lot of improvements especially in the help files.  It would cost $19.95 to upgrade to the latest version.  You can go to this URL to purchase on line.

"RSD" files are our DATABASE file. They are what you create and then use to load frequencies to the radio

While you purchased the Mr. Scanner frequency CD it may or may not still be accurate. It depends on if your local's have changed their frequencies in the past two years. You can also take a look at this URL for some "Free frequencies", but these are usually only for major metro areas.


We now have an extensive "FAQ" on our website at

These are just a couple of "getting started" subjects, and there are lots more.!-GETTING_STARTED_MR_SCANNER_AND_SCANCAT.htm!GETTING_STARTED_MORE_HINTS%20AND%20TIPS.htm

Our manuals are at this URL.

But it's been over 2 years from where your version was purchased ... so some things will not apply unless you have the most recent version.

Let me know if you have specfic questions

Hi....I bought your Scan Lite 1.2 & Mr. Scanner and its been a long time; I
forgot how to use / program my scanner,  RS 2051 using your s/w.  I
programmed the radio using your SW about a year ago and it has most of the
1000 channels with data but I want to reprogram it with new fresh, up to
date, data.

Forgot how to read radio data, where to get latest data, up to date data
files, & program radio, etc.

I have the disc.  I tested today; The cable works & it seems to download the
banks from radio to the s/w lower banks, but I want new data / can't find or
get new data from someplace or figure out how to get new data into the upper
banks then into the radio.  There's NASCAR and I don't want that.  I want
Modesto CA police, fire etc and ham.

What's a .rsd?

Also do you have upgraded easier to use s/w available now?  Computer gobbly
gook - Its very confusing.

Thanks, Chip