How much Installed RAM do you have?  It sounds like either you have less than 512MGB installed, or there are other programs already running that are consuming what SCL needs.

Laptops usually have less RAM than Desktops. It's part of the way they shave corners to get the pricing down. Since you say you have a Hardware serial port, I feel you have an older computer - Most newer ones don't come with Serial Ports anymore.... and lots of those older computers don't have more than 128Meg - 256 meg or ram.

AS A RULE OF THUMB.... 256 MGB of RAM will support up to THREE WINDOWS (Running Programs).  So if you have 512MGB then that would be about SIX running programs.  You have to consider that some programs like Virus protection etc are not "visible" but still use the same RAM as if the screen for that program was visible.

Press CTRL + ALT + DEL and go to the "Performance Tab". It will show you all the stat's on what is installed, and what is being used.

I "googled" your model and come up with this:

        IBM ThinkPad T41 Laptop
        Intel Pentium M 1400
        256 MB
        30 GB
        DVD Drive
        Preloaded Win XP Pro

It's at:

AND, click on this link to download screenshots

This one shows the "CTRL+ALT+DEL" box at the processes tab etc.

This shows where Norton AntiVirus is running multiple times for some reason and is consuming a lot more RAM than if only running "once". THIS would definitely cause low RAM symptoms such as what you are reporting.

Best regards


Just bought Scancat-Lite and installed, after removing the demo. Scancat-Lite is now crashing every time I click on program radio, with a Windows error that says Scancat-Lite has encountered a problem and needs to close."
Computer is an IBM Thinkpad T41 running windows XP and the scanner plugged into a hardware serial port. The demo had previously worked ok and did communicate with the radio.
                Alan B

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