If it "worked" before and now it doesn't, I suspect a low memory problem. Unless your computer has 512 megs of RAM, "Not enough free memory" could cause an issue like this. Another "symptom" of low resources would be if you use CTRL+ALT+DEL to see the running tasks... you will probably see "Scancat.exe" is still "running".

ALSO, go to HELP > ABOUT >  Click on ABOUT and tell me the "Last Update" which appears at the bottom of the About window. Let me know the "date"

While it "could" be a software issue, I feel it's memory.
You can usually close other running programs, and it will fix it, but the real fix is to put in more RAM.

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First, let me say I really like using Scan-Lite Plus.  It makes it simple to add/change/delete frequencies which really make scanning more enjoyable.  My problem?  I use Scan-Lite to program my Radio Shack PRO 97 and everything works fine.  Later, when I want to add other frequencies, I open the program, click on program radio and it just closes Scan-Lite.  I ve tried it with the radio attached to my computer and not attached.  To program my radio again I have to re-install the program.

What am I doing wrong?  I am using Windows XP Pro.