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I doubt the Gold version will be supporting the BC396. The firmware in this radio only has about 25% of the commands necessary to do what we do in the GOLD version. It's not something that we will be able to overcome unless Uniden adds back in those commands that were previously in radios such as the BC250/296/780/785/796 etc

The SCLITE version only supports memory programming. And because of it's target market to do just that, the price in $29.95 versus the $99.95 of the Gold.

We "are" working on some extra features that the BC396 supports, but at the present time it's only "on the boards for development", and not nearly to where it would be a salable product. If that were to become reality, It would probably surface as a "pro" or "extended" version much like we do with Gold and our SE versions.

Sorry cannot be more definite.

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I am awaiting delivery of your scancat lite plus software for use with my BCD396T.  I have previously used your scancat gold Se package, so am familiar with its functionality from several years ago. 


I ordered the lite plus version because your website specifically says it supports the bcd396t, whereas the gold version description does not say anything about that radio. 


Does the gold version also support the 396t now?


Where is your documentation describing what functions are supported by the lite plus, versus the gold version?  Can the lite plus do anything besides download frequencies to the radio?  (ie Control scanning, capture hit information to the computer, etc?)


If the 396t is not currently supported in the gold version, do you have any estimates for when it will be supported?


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Dan Melton


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