Radios such as the AR8200/AR8600 or some older Unidens like the BC-780, BC-785 BC296 etc support a much richer set of "computer commands" which enable tuning the radio from the PC (Called "Control"), and then getting feedback from the radio on signal status etc. Our Gold software supports these types of radios.

Look at this FAQ link:


And for Info on SC-Gold:        www.scancat.com/scg-win2.html

Almost all of the scanners produced by Radio Shack use a "Cloning method" to program the radio or back it up to a PC. The cloning method does not permit any kind of "tuning of the radio" by a remote PC. Just isn't in the radio's firmware/chip set. This is why we do not support those radios in our "Gold" version.

The Lite version of our software is designed to accommodate this limited ability of many of RS's radio, and as a consequence is sold at a much lower price. It is not the fault of the software that it cannot "control" RS's units... it's the design built into their radios.

If you wish to "control" your radio with software, you will have to purchase a radio that supports those abilities. If you download our Demo, the list of radios we support is on the "menu" of radios you can select.

And the complete list of radios supported by our GOLD product is at this link

Best regards

Jim Springer

I have a Radio Shack digital Pro 2096.  The Scancat Gold version sounds like a product I would want to purchase; however, it appears that Scancat Gold does not support my scanner.  Scancat Lite Plus appears to support my scanner but it has limitations.  Your info online says that Scancat Lite Plus is for operators who do not need additional scanning control.  Please explain what this means.  Also, please recommend the best program for me to purchase for as much control as possible.  Thank you.  Greg

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