how to program R-8500'S Memory Channels

Brief Tutorial

Pages in Scancat-Gold Manual
        Page 106 to 107
Short explanation of how this works using the databases..

The steps are really quite simple

Go to Radio Memory Management on the Main Splash Screen of SC-Gold

- Choose either to LOAD or to READ the memories of the radio
- To LOAD, Pick the Disk file to use
- (then) Click begin and choose the start and ending
  channel (map of channels in each bank helps you)

If you want to load bank ONE you would use
        CH 0 to start
        and CG 40 for the ending

Here are screen shots of how to get to and use those sections

Best regards

Jim Springer


FIRST, Since you have a printed MANUAL/BOOK, read these pages in the Scancat-Gold Manual. They give you an overview on how the database for this radio should be designed.

        Page 80-90

Here are some extra "hints and tips", on how to copy and paste - but in order to do this you really need EXCEL to make it easier. IF you don't have EXCEL, we have a "freeware" of a program that does the same thing at this link

The Database we use is a "flat file", meaning all records are in one database, so it takes a little "organizational skill" to get them just right. Since the R8500 has ten banks or 40 chan's each, WE suggest making separate database files for each "radio bank", and then it's a lot easier to upload a few at a time to the radio (instead of all 1000 each time). The "FRQ" (in memory) files are perfect for this, as you can have several files with just what is targeted for a single bank in the radio, and that makes it a lot easier.

These are pages that explain the database section of our SC-Gold

        Manual Pages 80 to 90

If you read this section it is quite detailed on how to make a database, add records, organize it so that you can then program the banks in your radio.

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Jim Springer

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