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Jim. I'm trying to install Scancat Gold  8.5 on windows xp-64 bit. I get an error message saying "THE IMAGE FILE D:\ IS VALID FOR A MACHINE TYPE OTHER THAN THE CURRENT MACHINE".
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We have come across this problem a few times now. The main problem is WIN XP-64 (Meaning Microsoft) no longer supports 16 bit programs. Our Installation program is 16 bit and Scancat-Gold is also 16 bit. Even if the installer was 32 bit, I'm not certain SC-Gold would run.  Do you have another computer that has Windows "32" bit? That would be the simplest solution

I've done a bit of research on this.  Microsoft "says" eventually they will make support available (again) (but no idea when). The "program" that enables 16 bit program support is called wowexec.exe, and it is missing in all versions of XP-64 or Vista-64.

You can download it from Microsoft's site.
I've placed a copy on our OnLineHelp site:

Place it in the System32 folder of Windows.

The file is the one we have from WIn XP 32bit, so it is at least worth a try.

The only other options we know of at this time are to Use Virtual PC 2007 or VMWare (when it is supported in Vista). These will enable you to create a virtual machine running DOS or Win9x/ME and install Scancat in it. You will most likely have to run Scancat in the Virtual PC environment, as it is also 16 bit and probably won't run even if you get past the installation problem.

Virtual PC is a Microsoft program. You can get details (and download it) at this link:http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=04D26402-3199-48A3-AFA2-2DC0B40A73B6&displaylang=en

VM Ware is "free" (I think) and the link to it is here:

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