>Your web page says "Recently Added" and lists the
>BC898 Uniden. Is this just the SE version,
>or does the Gold and Surveillance
>version support this in full trunking???
>I don't really want a hand held.... how does the Gold work with the
>BC246T or the BC8T ???

Sorry, but SCANCAT-GOLD_BC246 isn't supported in the GOLD. Only software we have for "either" of these radios is the "LITE".

Basic Reasons:

- The BC246 does not have the rich command set needed to enable "control"
- The BCT8 (and BC898) have a firmware flaw. Squelch won't open while sending commands.
   Even opening the squelch knob all the way does no good.    so,
   without squelch detect, virtually all the "scanning" stuff won't work.
        'Tis a shame

The GOld and GOLD- SE are control programs
The LITE version is simply "memory programing"

The BC898 has some firmware problems with scanning the way "we do it".
Under computer control while sending frequencies to the radio's VFO - the
squelch simply refuses to open, period. Even with the squelch knob fully
open. So we have no way to completely control the radio.

Their other radios such as BC780/785/796 work ok and do not have this

Best regards

Jim Springer