Perhaps this will get you started in the right direction.

You may want to print this out. Heres a short tutorial on how to log frequencies in the manner you detailed to me. Excuse the grammer - I didn't proof this for anything. <G>

FIRST Set up Scancat and assure that the radio is being controlled etc. The logic of this setup is that there can be two files open - one for source of frequecies to scan and the other used as the "target" file for logging.  As long as they use difference file extensions (IE: "FRQ" and "SCN") it will work.

1. On MAIN SCREEN look for the top menu bar selection "Files"
2. Pick NEW FILE and type in some name that does NOT exist
   I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU USE "source.frq" (The .FRQ is important)
3. Now after you see the blank database screen,
   a. Click on the bottom button titled "Add REcord"
   b. Then type in a frequency in the frequency column
   c. repeat "a" until you have all your source frequencies.
       Menu Option FILE
                       / SAVE
4. Exit database and then choose Top Menu bar
                   / conventional
5. Pick LOGGING options and when the box pops up choose
        "Demographic logging"
        Choose exit and when it asks for a filename
          I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU USE "Target.scn" (Note: the .SCN is important)
6. Click on top menu bar "Settings"
        a. Pick "Comm port and asst. settings"
        b. Move the Slider titled "continuous" to some small value
                the value is in seconds.
          This sets up the scanning so when it stops, it only stays
          there for that length of time. (The "COntinuous value")
8. On right sided "control panel" click "SCAN DISKFILE"
9. Click on the "RESUME" BUTTON.

This starts scanning of the "source.frq" file and as it stops on an active frequency after the "continuous time out" has elapsed, a record is created in the file "target.scn"  and then it goes on till another signal is hit.

If you want to add WAV FILES to the logging process.
        A. Locate the RECORD BUTTON at the bottom of
          the LEFT sided "Control Panel".
        B. Turn Record to ON.
        C. Each time a frequency hit is logged,
          a unique filename will be added to the comments
          field of the logging (Target.scn) database.

To view the "target.scn" file, go back to main menu  and use "Files/load new file" and type in the name "target.scn".

VERRRRY IMPORTANT TIP - you MUST reload the Source.frq file again after viewing the target file. If you do not, you end up scanning the wrong file, as we set the active SOURCE file pointer to last one "viewed". Each time you enter the Scanning area, you must turn on the logging and type in the file name when asked.  Using the SAME file name (again) for the target file will append records to that database, so you can do more than one session and keep it all in that one database.

ALSO - Read the SE manual - It is an extra Stapled manual that came with the regular spiral bound manual. It should describe how to use this and other

Best Regards,

Jim Springer