I presume you have Scancat-Lite-Plus?
Find below some "common solutions". If these do not help, let me know more specifics on what the setup is for your computer/radio/cable. etc.

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I am trying to program a Radio Shack Pro-94 B and I cannot get it to send frequencies to the scanner. Do you have any suggestions.

I presume this is our "retail" version, not our DEMO?  The demo has programming TO the radio Disabled.

IF it is the retail version.....

Normally this is a hardware related issue. So if you have more than one computer that you can place our software on, I'd suggest trying it on the 2nd computer. Most times this will solve the issues and also let you determine just what is causing the problem on the other computer.

- The Proper cable is a 20-289 (Off White in color).
      BLACK cable is "wrong cable"
       .... simply will not work at all

The Radio Goes into wired mode when the cable is plugged in.
The LCD will show a "counting up" when you choose to program the radio
        Such as RCV 001 RCV 002 RCV 003 RCV 004 etc
        OR even an ERR message would indicate the comm port is working

IF it DOES NOT, that would indicate the comm port is not transferring the data, and this could be a number of other reasons, so you would have to give me more details to come up with a solution.

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