All of our software is Windows based. That's how we started 25 years ago, and haven't found a
practical way to cross platform what has taken years to develop. So our stance is we do
not support our software running on a Mac, and there is a no refund policy ...

Unfortunately, In a market dominated by windows software, there is little if any "true Apple" product,
Plus very few if any cables have Mac drivers, and without a working cable, nothing works.

While there are "virtual windows" apps that permit running windows apps on a Mac,
50% of the time it is problematic, even when it does run. The whole combination is analogous
to running a 2-cycle engine on raw gasoline. It may run, but not for long.

The reasonable solution ... I see Used Laptops on Ebay for $100-150.00 running Win XP, or WIN7.


From:   keith

I have a radioshack pro 651 . I am trying to order programming software . I
have a apple computer needs to be MAC compatible . what do I need to order


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