We just recently became aware of a problem with Windows Vista not accepting one of our "controls". It does not appear to affect all Vista machines, but it does fail on some that require admin privileges to install this OCX file. We talked to the vendor for this control, and they say if we install it into the application's folder it will fix the registration problem. We now have several customers that were able to register this control, but it requires a knowledge of windows and the windows registry. 

So to keep it simple, we have put together a simple Installation program to install the problem files in a new location and register them into Window's Vista.


Download this file and see if it will solve the problem with the Vista machine.  It is something we hastily put together, so some of the "installation" screens may not appear all that "elegant". But it "does" get the job done. 

Please let us know if you continue to have problems.

Best regards

Jim Springer

I was able to download and install Scancat-Lite Plus in my PC that runs on Windows XP. It runs perfect.
Then I proceed to also install it in my laptop that I take with me to the NASCAR races and allows me to download the latest frequencies and install in my Pro-84 scanner.
After the installation was completed without any problems or errors, when I try to run Scancat-Lite it gives me an error immediately after launching. The error says: "Component 'RMPWEBBROWSER.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid"
This laptop is new and is running in Windows Vista.
Can you help me?
Albert Naon
Order number E1074R15403
Purchased for download on 2/13/07

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