This is described on page 49 of the PRO-163/164 owner's manual

That page is titled "Initializing the Scanner"

You can download the manual in pdf format at this link

Initializing the Scanner If the scanner’s display locks up or does not work properly after you connect a power source or install batteries, you might need to initialize it.

Caution: This procedure clears the scanner’s memory. Initialize the scanner only after trying all other methods to correct issues.

To initialize the scanner:
1. Turn off the scanner, then turn it on again. “Multi-system Trunking Scanner” appears.

2. While “Multi-system Trunking Scanner” appears, press 0.

3. Press 1.

4. Press ENT. “Initializing please stand by” appears for about 5 seconds.

When the initialization is complete, M000 appears on the second line of the display. Bank 0 Ch 00 appears.

Do not turn off the scanner until the initialization is complete.
Service and Repair If your scanner is not performing as it should,

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