Here are a few suggestions to solve this problem. Normally one of these will "fix it". The radio send a constant stream of encrypted data to the PC, not stopping for ANYthing. If even one character is "missed", this will corrupt the entire decryption process and give an error such as you are seeing.

If you have other programs running in the background, they can interfere with the data going to the radio. ANY disruption, even one missed character can cause something like this. Usually disabling Norton or McAfee virus program will solve this issue.

In the database screen area, go to:
        FILE > Settings for radio
          Adjust the timing slider to 1/2 scale (or even 3/4)
            (It's on bottom of that window)
          And, make sure the XP Switch is "checked"

If it gets WORSE, then try moving the slider to the FAR LEFT
If it improves but not "100%, then CHECK the box for "Increase Read Speed"

One way or the other should "do it".

If you are using a USB to RS232 Adaptor, many times the driver is at fault, and windows may have placed a "generic" driver in the system instead of the one made specifically for that device. Go to the Adaptor's OEM website and get the latest driver.

Normally this is a hardware related issue. So if you have more than one computer that you can place our software on, I'd suggest trying it on the 2nd computer. Most times this will solve the issues and also let you determine just what is causing the problem on the other computer.

- The Proper cable is a 20-289 (Off White in color).
- The Radio does not go into clone mode until you select in the software to load the radio. IF it DOES, that would indicate something else using the port and that could also be the cause of your problems.

Best regards

Jim Springer