It could be you are running low on available RAM.  How much RAM do you have installed? You can find this out by pressing "CTRL + ALT+ DEL" and then looking at the Tab labeled "Performance". It displays several graphs, but at the bottom it will give you the "stats" on Physical Memory. We suggest a minimum of 512 and recommend 1024. Anything less than 512 installed could possibly cause this to occur.

This is a screen shot showing the Performances tab

This is a screen shot showing the Processes tab

If you look at the "running processes" tab, it will show you what programs are running and the amount of memory they consume. You can try using "end process" on any that are not labeled as "System" or "Service".

See if this helps and if not, let me know.


Below is the result of your feedback form.  It was submitted by
 (pagr7670@yahoo.com) on Friday, July 27, 2007 at 08:39:24
Customer Name: Paul
City: Sun Valley
Country: US
Product In Use: SCL
Radio In Use: Pro-95
Cable In Use: 20-047

Comments: Need help with setup.  Everything I try, causes the computer to reboot while loading frequencies.  Based on the instructions Port 5 seems to be the correct one.  I have checked Pro-95, and used the default of baud rate 4800.  I have tried having the 20-047 check box on & off. I have tried having the Win XP check box on & off.  Increase speed box is usually off.  When loading the scanner, I have choosen both ok & cancel at the question of is the 20-089 cable connected.  Both lights on the cable flicker.  The reboot usually occurs after 70& complete.  My HP computer is less than 1 year old, running XP.