This "sounds like" a computer memory issue. We recommend 512 meg of RAM for Scancat-Lite-Plus (SCL). If you have 256, and other programs are running (such as EXCEL, MS WORD, Internet Explorer, Norton Anti-virus, etc, then they consume RAM Memory and prevent SCL.

Try pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and going to "processes running", use "end task" on programs that may not be absolutely necessary to be running at the time. If the screens and grids show up "fully", then that indicates RAM usage problems.

Let em know if still having problems.

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 ( on Thursday, July 06, 2006 at 17:55:48
Customer Name: Christopher Mielke
Address-1: W305S3055 Brookhill Rd
City: Waukesha
State: WI
Zip Code: 53188
Country: USA
Product In Use: Scancat Lite
Radio In Use: PRO-2051
Cable In Use: 20-047
Dealer: CAT
Selected PRO-2051, set com port. Gave message that it wasnt working, but told it to ignore it.  PRO-2051 says WIRED.  Scancat reads from scanner, but appears to only read 1st bank. When it FINALLY does read the scanner, when you change banks in Scancat, it appears to crash. The program does not draw the table. It wont draw the settings page either. During reading, the cable's XD and RDX lights flash and scanner says its sending.. Right now, all I get on Settings tab is a small grey box,nothing more. Would like to purchase full program to help me setup my PRO-2051, but not convinced it will work. Any assistance appreciated, Chris Mielke