With only one or two exceptions, all of the Radio Shacks use a cloning type of programming method. Meaning you have to program the entire memory area at once. So essentially, if you leave something "blank" in the database, you end up with that same "blank" in the radio. You cannot simply "add a bank" or "add a few frequencies, without also reprogramming the ones already "in" the radio.

Best "modus operandi" is to either use an RSD file you have recently read from the radio of just perform a quick read... and then use "that" as your template to add/remove/change channels and banks. Then SAVE it and send that one back to the radio.

I do this all the time with a NUMBER of other Ham rigs (FT-50, IC91AD/ IC2820 and etc) that use "cloning". I first read the radio's stuff into the computer data base, make the changes and send it back. This way any manual changes I've made while using the radio are update in the computer's files.

I keep each new change as new 'backup file"
        Such as PRO97_as_of_10-5-07.rsd
        Such as PRO97_as_of_10-15-07.rsd
        Such as PRO97_as_of_11-5-07.rsd



Ok, now do i understand right ....that i cannot load one bank at a time on my Pro 528?  FYI..I found that i cannot leave empty banks in the middle!