This applies to most "CLONE MODE" PRO-Radio Shack scanners such as:

        PRO-95 PRO-96  PRO-20 96 PRO-97 PRO-99 PRO-2055 ETC

Most of the cloning radios from Radio Shack do not actually have all 4 digits past the decimal "in the radio", but use a step size feature to create the last two digits. If a frequency is entered the radio doesn't like, this is usually 'auto corrected' as the user manually enters a frequency that is not divisible by that step size.

But with computer programming these radios will take a frequency that is NOT divisible by the step size, but once you try to scan, the radio cannot get past that 'bad frequency', and it just "hangs there" and won't scan unless that frequency is locked out.


If the radio is "hanging" up on a bank and will not go any further. Normally this is due to some frequency programming into the "Next" bank that is Invalid. It is usually because the last 2-3 digits after the decimal of the frequency do not exactly correspond to the radio's built in step size.

So this is how to fix that.

1 - Turn radio on and then press SCAN
2 - when radio stops scanning, the cursor will be
    blinking on a bank number
        EXAMPLE Bank 2 is blinking
3 - Press MANUAL - that will stop scanning and you will see
    a frequency and channel number
4 - Press MANUAL one more time.
     IF there is a frequency displayed, write it down on paper
        If NO frequency is displayed Press MANUAL until you SEE one.

      then- press PGM on the radio's keypad
      then- REENTER that frequency
        "Usually" the last 2-3 digits of that frequency will be changed.

NORMALLY that will fix the hangup problem, so let me know if you still continue to have problems.

ALSO, be sure to change that frequency in the Scancat Database, so that the next time you program
the radio you will not send the ''wrong frequency'' back again.

Best regards

Jim Springer

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