We've discovered there can be TWO reasons why some of the scanners appear to "hang up" on a bank. This usually applies to Radio Shack "Cloning Radios"... but can be the cause for Uniden Radios as well.

1 - Is when a frequency is not divisible "evenly" by the step size for that frequency range (preset in the radio) - Usually using our FAQ on how to find and remove/change it solves the problems.

USually if this is the case, the radio will hang up all the time on the same bank...

2 - IF the radio hangs up but sometimes will scan for a while through all the banks before it hangs up .... The HAnging is 'really' caused by a "birdie".  Since these radios derive all the frequencies with a synthesis process, birdies can actually be generated by the process of making the frequency itself.  All frequencies are a combination of two or more fundamental frequencies, both of which can create a birdie on some other frequency programmed into the radio. Most times if the user closes down the squelch as tight as it will go, the birdie will be under the squelch threshold and thus the radio will begin to scan (again). So maybe they can test by shutting down the squelch, and see if the radio will begin to scan.  ALSO if they are near computers, this same test should work, especially if they move the radio away from computer equipment

If this sounds too complicated, sorry about that - but it's really quite simple <G>