Currently we do not have a "direct" method of reading RadioReferences databases. They have chosen to use Adobe PDF, which does not lend itself to "importing".

However you "can" save the database on screen as a file, and then using EXCEL to then cut and paste from Excel into Scancat's grids structure.

Once you have a Frequency "file" showing for your city
        - choose the BROWSER'S "File Save AS" or "Save Page as" option
        - Then open EXCEL
        - Then Load the HTML file you just saved
        - It will appear as a series of columns and rows just like
          on the screen
        - You can highlight columns and then "COPY" them using "CTRL + C"
        - Then go to Scancat's grid
        - Place your mouse on the first cell where you want to start
                PASTE using "CTRL + V"
        - It should paste into Scancat's grid
          all the highlighted cells from your Excel spreadsheet

If you do not have Excel, take a look at this link on our OnLine Help site

  This is a freeware version of Microsoft's "Office" called "Open Office", and in side the "office suite" is an Excel look alike called "CALC", (that is contained in the free application).

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Joined radio reference. How do I download information to scancat program?
I am new to scanning, I have a radio shack pro 97 scanner.
Gordon Cave

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