The Radio reference Frequency Manager is built into Scancat-Lite-Plus

I want to point out that YOU DO NOT NEED A RR MEMBERSHIP
  to get the frequencies you want
   - Getting Frequencies is all Free -
Look at these screenshots for how to access RR,
and click on the below links for "screens" on how it works.

We plan on making a video on this in the near future,
but for now - once you get to the "Manager" screen -

use the "Help" to learn how to use it. (See RRGUI-5)






      Recived  ur cd today reviewed  ur u tube sites too. One question I can not seem to locate. Can i access radio reffrence sites databases and use ur program to program my scanner. I see you have data bases as well.  I'm new to this area so please excuse my weird questions.


Jim Springer   <()>