The R7000 Icom does not have anything in it's firmware to report
squelch or signal strength status. So that is the reason it won't
stop. No matter what software you bought, it couldn't detect
something that isn't there.

  We Used to make a Icom Squelch detect adaptor that plugged in
between the serial cable and the CI-V interface. The people that used
to make them went out of business. So - we are looking at how to find
someone else to make them. AND - Once we find someone, Have to order
boards and components etc.

I don't know anything about Black Cat's cable, but our adaptor
requires a DB 25 connector on the "level convertor" socket.

>Hello all:
>Having a lot of problems with the following combination:
>1. ICOM IC-R7000
>2. Scancat Gold
>3. Blackcat Systems usb CV-I interface.
>I can get the radio to scan, but it will not stop on active
>frequencies?  I have played with all the setting but no luck.
>Anyone had experience with this ????

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