To best answer your below question about our Manuals

We have been  somewhat remiss in updating the manuals for a couple of reasons

1 - The functions (and/or) methods we explain in our Manuals have not really changed a lot. This is by design, as the interface(s) we use has not been intentionally changed a lot. True,  the radios have changed and new ones have been added, but the way Scancat is used to program them has not changed "visually" a significant amount. We enjoy a customer base that has been loyal to us for a number of years, and as they upgrade, finding things that "look the same" is a benefit.  But the underlying "code" gets updated all thetime.. 

The menus for functions are pretty much the same ( by design) if the software is 6 years old or brand new. So - as new radios are added to our support, the familiarity the customer has with menued functions remains the same, but underneath they also find "new stuff".

2 - VIDEOS - In recent times, we have begun creating Video Tutorials
The videos are far more effective, and as new functions and features are added, we have also added new video's.

I agree, we need to revamp our "printed manuals" (Actually PDF's), (and) I don't know if you agree with our "philosophy", but you are entitled to an explanation.  You should also look at some of the "addendum manuals" for specific scanner groups - especially for Unidens, as those have  been created to supplement the "older manual".



Mr. Springer:

I received my Combo CD today and I have a question about the manual that is included on the CD.  The date on the manual is 05/26/2010.  Is this the latest version of the ScanCat-Lite Plus manual, or is there a newer one?  If there is a newer one, can you tell me where it is on your website?  I couldn't find any ScanCat manuals at all.

Many thanks,